3 Ways Tech Can Improve Your Business

Modern technology has changed the face of business, making it easier for you to automate the processes that take you away from the real...
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Modern technology has changed the face of business, making it easier for you to automate the processes that take you away from the real work needed to keep your sales and engagement up. Whether you are a new business owner or you have run your own organization for a significant amount of time, the ever-changing digital landscape is something that you have to keep an eye on so that you are constantly leveraging the right tools for your current strategy. Are you looking to improve the way that you do business? If so, take a look at the three ways tech can improve your business. 

Use CRM and other organizational software solutions to improve productivity. 

From the small business owner to the corporate level manager, having a system in place that helps you keep track of all of your clients and the status of their projects is an invaluable tool that will prove its use as you grow your customer base. A great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will allow you to keep track of everyone you do business with, synchronize itself with your email accounts and external calendars, provide you with workflow automation tools, help you communicate with your team, and arm you with a variety of other necessary business tools. Put simply, a CRM is a swiss army knife for your organization. 

On that note, we should also mention that there are other software solutions designed to target specific internal processes instead. Take, for example, an asset tracking system, which focuses on tracking IT tech throughout the organization, helping you determine when upgrades or repairs are necessary, and makes the tech side of the business easier. No matter what industry your business is in, having organizational tools to manage your teams and processes is vital to your success. 

Improve customer satisfaction with a high-tech call center.

While small businesses can get away with handling customer concerns on their own, larger businesses will need to use software that can help them handle the large volume of calls they receive on a daily basis. Although establishing a call center is the first step in this process, trying to set up and operate your own hardware can be difficult. Instead, you can utilize an enterprise-level, cloud-based call center software like the one produced by Bright Pattern. Using a cloud-based software allows you to have the same functionality that you would receive using your own installed system while freeing you from having to have an in-house IT team to take care of hardware issues. With the proper omnichannel call center in place, you can take care of your customer’s needs with ease. In business, customer service is everything. 

Use instant messaging platforms to stay in contact with your team.

Instant messaging platforms are great for modern teams. Unlike sending emails or calling, you can jump onto your application of choice and send a message to one or multiple team members in a matter of seconds. More importantly, these messaging platforms often feature integration for other business applications that your team may use to work, such as Google Drive, which is another convincing reason to incorporate these platforms into your team strategy. If you need to keep in contact with your employees and want to do so quickly and efficiently, instant messaging is the way to go. 

When it comes to technology, there is no limit to the number of applications that you can find to leverage for your business. If you are currently looking to grow with tech but don’t know where to begin, use the three ideas listed above as a starting point for reinventing your internal strategy and processes.

Sam Fisher joined Urban Tulsa as a contributing writer, before taking on the associate editor role. He graduated is a Boston University graduate and resides in Austin, Texas.