How Verkada is Eliminating the Security Mistakes Most Enterprise Companies Make

Since its launch in 2016, Verkada has been quietly revolutionizing the surveillance industry by bringing consumer-market accessibility to enterprise-level environments without sacrificing on cyber-security.  Verkada’s sleek, small-footprint system even manages to seamlessly address commonly overlooked items when selecting a physical security solution, such as hidden lifecycle costs, barriers to access, data security, and space planning/facility

3 Ways Tech Can Improve Your Business

Modern technology has changed the face of business, making it easier for you to automate the processes that take you away from the real work needed to keep your sales and engagement up. Whether you are a new business owner or you have run your own organization for a significant amount of time, the ever-changing

3 Ways to Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

You took the leap and moved. You’re in the process of living your best life and quite possibly living in your dream home. Home of your dreams aside, you’re still not sure about your neighborhood.  You browsed the Internet and asked around, but these avenues don’t always tell the whole story. You’re not alone in

Personal Injury Claims for Hearing Loss: Causes of Hearing Loss in Adults

There are over 48 million people in the US who are affected by hearing loss. Hearing loss typically becomes more prevalent as people get older, but it can affect people of any age. There are many potential causes of hearing loss, many of which are medical conditions, but there are also preventable causes. If you

The Student’s Guide to Professionalism and Career Planning

As a university student, you’re hard at work building your future. You’re doing your best to study and succeed in school, and those are crucial elements for your bright future. But your career will depend on more than just a great educational track record. In fact, in the not-too-distant future, you may find yourself in

Taking Care of Yourself

Americans aren’t the healthiest bunch. We’re generally overweight, sick, anxious, and depressed. The most upsetting thing about this sad state of affairs is that, in many cases, these things are preventable. If only we took better care of ourselves! You have the chance to achieve a healthy and happy life, but your future depends on

Things to do in Tulsa

Visiting Keystone State Park everything you need to know

Looking to sell your home?

Moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma

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