10 Ideas for Your Next TikTok

One of the newest social media platforms to take the world by storm, TikTok is much more than an app for Gen Z. Bite-sized...

One of the newest social media platforms to take the world by storm, TikTok is much more than an app for Gen Z. Bite-sized videos of comedy, entertainment, cute creatures, and education have led millions of users to sign up for the site. Animals and influencers alike make up the app’s home page, with trendy dances, fan videos of users’ favorite celebrities, and lifestyle vlogs joining forces to keep TikTok viewers and creators coming back for more. Whether you’re a TikTok newbie or you’ve been using the app since its inception, a bit of inspiration can transform your TikTok presence. You never know what video may go viral, but some particularly good ideas for TikTok videos can point you in the right direction.

1. Take advantage of filters & effects.

If you haven’t explored the built-in features TikTok offers, it’s something you should definitely explore. Whether you create a DIY green screen, change your hair color, or simply enhance the lighting in your scene, TikTok’s filters and special effects can help you create a high-quality video production setup with just an iPhone or other camera on hand. These extras can make a simple video worthy of the pros, even with a non-existent or low budget. These bonuses are part of the app for a reason—do yourself a favor and use them to your advantage.

2. Put your own twist on trends.

Aspiring to go viral on TikTok? Scrolling through what’s already trending is always a good idea. But, for the best results, add your own unique angle to the most popular TikTok trends. Whether it’s bringing your Mom onscreen for a special challenge or adding some props to the newest hit dance routine, putting a special spin on the most popular parts of TikTok will help you stand out from the crowd, even while you utilize existing trends. This way, your video will be markedly creative, while taking advantage of the built-in audience a trend offers.

3. Showcase your favorite song.

You don’t need to be a celebrity band member or professional musician to create a music video for TikTok—and you don’t need to spend a fortune either. Making music videos with a low-budget can let you showcase your passion to a broad audience. A good music video will draw in viewers and spread your music to the world, even if you shot it while sitting in bed. Pros can write the music from start to finish, acting as producer, writer, musician, and music video director. Recruit friends or professional crew members and research tips for music video created for the best results. Can’t hold a tune to save your life? The same concept can apply to lip-sync of your favorite top hits.

4. Teach something.

While videos that entertain your viewers are popular on TikTok, those that educate them can be just as appealing. Take a note from Schoolhouse Rock! and create a music video for your favorite topic or let your pet “explain” the importance of topics like voting (motivated by plenty of snacks off-screen). Offer your followers the chance to learn something new and they’ll stick around for your next fun fact. A how-to post will encourage viewers to return to a project themself, while a roundup of new knowledge will make sure they learn something that’s sure to stay with them long after they’ve closed the app for the night.

5. Promote your side gig.

Pet lovers around the world can agree that featuring a furry friend is always a good idea. Simply highlight Fluffy’s cutest pose or set yourself up for success by promoting your favorite pet care products. If you’re working as a consultant for pet direct sales companies this will give you the chance to promote pet food and other pet care must-haves to potential customers and even increase your commissions by sharing a pet care product line with fellow pet owners. Attract viewers with your cutest pet moments, then introduce them to the best pet products you’ve found. If you’re bringing in extra funds from promoting pet products through a direct sales company, you can use the budget boost to create more videos—and offer your pet some extra treats with the extra cash you’ve brought in from those direct sales.

6. Celebrate special events.

Whether there’s a special occasion in your personal life or a unique holiday taking place around the world, you’ll find built-in TikTok inspiration marked on the calendar. Cook up a celebration for National Burrito Day or spread your birthday cheer with the internet by including some extra balloons in a “Happy Birthday” music video. Even your pet can get in on the fun with a Gotcha Day celebration and a beg-worthy dog food-based cake. Lonely on what should be a special day? Your internet friends will join you to celebrate. Want to bond over an interest in an under-known occasion? Spread the word with a hashtag and take center stage (or screen).

7. Tap into the news.

Depending on what’s going on in the world, you just might find a TikTok idea between the headlines. Create a rundown of must-know news, making it more digestible for your viewers, or use the tabloids’ celebrity connections to your advantage by filming your reaction to Hollywood’s newest pair. Chances are, a lot of people will be taking to social media to follow and comment on the latest news stories—and TikTok is no exception.

8. Test out tips.

You’ll find plenty of advice on TikTok, with plenty of tips to try. If you’re excited to test out the best life hacks online, there’s even more good news: it’s a great chance to create a video of your own. From DIY pet accessories to productivity tips, you can shoot your attempts in the comfort of your own home, with little to no preparation and only needing items you have on hand. Head to the kitchen and record dishes made with popular cooking or baking tips, or test out viral hacks for pet owners to see what really works best. Post your life hack reviews on a single day or create a series to build your audience’s trust—you could become the most trusted source for high-quality tips and tricks.

9. Get crafty.

Crafters can find an audience on TikTok, too. Showcasing your DIY skills can let you revamp your home décor with custom fabrics or create unique wall art from a vintage record. Whether you spend a lot of time creating your own design for a project or wing it once you’ve turned on the iPhone camera, you can create an at-home craft show with the power of social media. Paint a self-portrait, use a new product to craft a new project, or share a tutorial for an especially fun DIY. To take it even further, you could challenge your followers to create their own artwork with a challenge-themed hashtag.

10. If all else fails, dance it out.

A staple in every TikTok-er’s starter kit, dances makes up a significant portion of videos on the app. From specific steps originating on the platform to more intense routines by genuine professionals, you’ll find the artistic movement in music videos, bedroom self-shoots, and more. In some cases, you’ll even spot some pets practicing their best two-step! If you’re not finding inspiration for a certain video, recording dance is always a good idea, regardless of your skill level or experience.

Whether you’re promoting your go-to pet products with a direct sales company, directing a music video despite a low budget, or creating a custom craft or DIY accessories, you can make a splash on TikTok with any sort of video. Finding the right match from the TikTok ideas available, for your audience and your own interests, will make all the difference in creating a platform to rival any influencer. You’ll be creating your own product line or replacing your full-time income by selling pet products to fellow animal lovers in no time!

Tom Parsons is a contributing writer for Urban Tulsa. He graduated from NYU with a journalism degree, and he currently resides in Tulsa.