5 Interesting Careers That’ll Keep You Learning Forever

Careers are typically a life-long commitment, and with life comes many, many lessons. It’s ideal to pick a career where you’ll always be challenged...
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Careers are typically a life-long commitment, and with life comes many, many lessons. It’s ideal to pick a career where you’ll always be challenged in ways to grow professionally and personally. Here are five interesting careers that will keep you learning forever:


In a society where individuals, businesses and governments will always need legal advice and guidance, becoming an attorney is an excellent option. Being a lawyer, you’re always looking out for your client, and that includes finding and settling solutions to their problems.

The amount of information you learn as a lawyer is unmatched, and sometimes, it’s pretty unique! Take for example the renowned New York lawyer Howard Fensterman; not only does he has years of experience in healthcare and financial malpractice law, but he’s practically an expert about gems and minerals as well! With a career in law, you’ll always be learning something new outside of the court.

You can learn more about this New York City-based attorney and mineral hobbyist by visiting his website, howardfenstermanminerals.com.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

The world is constantly evolving; every year, new inventions are made and modernization continues to grow in several forms. The STEM field has always been important, and fortunately, it’ll always be necessary!

AFuzion is a great company that demonstrates the importance of engineering. AFuzion is the world’s largest avionics provider of avionics development, safety and services. To become an avionics engineer, Afuzion has a series of basic training to be completed to earn your certification and verification.

These training sessions include DO-254 Training, which includes the world of aviation hardware development, avionics hardware development, and avionics development of safety, hardware, systems, and certification. AFuzion’s training of the intermediate DO-254 training course can be found in its entirety here. More information on airborne electronic hardware, Afuzion’s DO-254 and avionics hardware engineers can be found here.

Real Estate

Buying a house can be really exciting; it can also come with a fair share of challenges. As a real estate agent, you’ll be looking for new ways to adapt and combat those challenges! The housing market continues to grow with new homeowners and homebuyers every day. As the market is growing, so does your knowledge of all things house-related.

From disclosures to ethical issues to principals, you’ll be gaining new information that can benefit not only yourself but others! Imagine when it’s time for your own children to buy homes, or suppose you’ll want to teach a class on real estate to those who may not readily have the information. This is a career that truly does a full circle, and its impact on communities is worth the extra learning.


Popular publications, news stations and media platforms all have one major responsibility: telling the news with the people’s obligation in mind. U.S. news is vital for our country, and the practice of journalism has grown tremendously over the years.

We’ve seen traditional print and magazines evolve into digital landscapes and spaces. Right along with it, we’ve seen journalists learn new and innovative ways to continue telling stories and reporting the news. As a journalist, you’ll always be looking for new ways to produce the news.

Project Management

As a project manager, you gain a plethora of skills: leadership, planning, time management, internal and external communications…the list goes on. Project management teaches you how to solve professional and business-related issues on a daily basis, and with those lessons, you’ll be sure to gain valuable knowledge! The experience you gain in project management enables you to adapt more efficiently to other roles you may take on.

Whatever career you’re pursuing, there will always be more to learn if you remain eager and open-minded! Always strive to make the most of your career.

Lana Carson is executive editor of Urban Tulsa. Her writing has been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books and The Huffington Post.