5 Manly Hobbies

As men, we get bored. And COVID-19 has only made it worse. From the delays in sports to gyms closing to perhaps the vilest...
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As men, we get bored. And COVID-19 has only made it worse. From the delays in sports to gyms closing to perhaps the vilest outcome of all, closing our bars, the pandemic has damaged our pastimes.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few still out there for us to enjoy that are meant for the bear-wrestling, whiskey-drinking rugged men that we are.

Vehicle Repairing

Guys pride themselves on their cars. It’s just a fact. Well, now is the perfect time to learn how to completely take care of your vehicle. This doesn’t just mean cars, either. Most of us have or have wanted, a four-wheeler, jet skit, or motorcycle in our garages, and learning to repair and maintain them is important to our manhood. Hell, this could even mean forklift engine maintenance. Well, maybe leave that one to the professionals, but you get what I’m saying. Being able to do more than just drive your car earns you a couple of points on your man-card.

Target Shooting

Now is the right time for you to sharpen your skills with your pistol or rifle. Proficiency with your weapon is not only important for self-defense and safety, it’s a fun hobby to get involved with. There is an active community involved with target shooting. You can become a collector of handguns as well as a skilled marksman. And you can always find yourself purchasing quality gun cases to house all of your equipment. There is a lot of different interesting areas to consider when joining the manly world of target shooting.

Axe Throwing

Before the pandemic, there was a rise in sport throwing. It hasn’t subsided. Knife and axe throwing ranges have sprung up all over the country. What seems more in tune with our primal selves than hurling sharp objects at targets as proof of who is superior. Also, most of these establishments also double as bars. So, you’ll be able to get your buds to buy you a couple of rounds as you embarrass them in front of the crowds watching. There are also a number of leagues that now compete.


Let’s face it, fellas. We like to do a lot of dirty deeds (several a mentioned on this list), but we like to look good while doing them. Am I right? That’s why you should up your groom game by thinking of hygiene as a hobby. You may have never thought about using a beard straightener or beard oil, but if you can calm that frizz growing off your chin, you and your suitors will notice considerable differences. Clean lines and masculine fragrances are your friends. Subdue those wild hairs wherever you find them on your body. No one ever said being manly didn’t mean being clean, you just didn’t know you needed a heated brush to make it happen.


Beer Making

Most guys make an adult beverage part of the daily routine, so why not turn that passion into creation? With all of the downtime you have from COVID, you can figure out the best way to brew your favorite beers at home. You can even experiment with some new recipes. Once you have the yeast rising, you’ll be well on your way making this hobby pay off. There are numerous homebrew kits, books on brewing, and ways to get started. Hell, most of the local craft scene started because someone who had a hobby in brewing thought they made some good beers. I, for one, am thankful they turned their pastime into a profession.

So, there you have it. A diverse list of manly hobbies that covers a wide range of skills that cover all that is ‘man.’ Pick one, pick two, but whatever you choose, have fun with it.

Keith Bell is the Creative Director for Urban Tulsa. He has been with UT since 2018, and manages the creative department designing every issue from concept to web production.