5 Products New Dads Love

Congratulations to all the new dads out there struggling to make it through another sleepless night. We see you, and we acknowledge your efforts....
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Congratulations to all the new dads out there struggling to make it through another sleepless night. We see you, and we acknowledge your efforts. We equally understand that the right products can help get new dads through this challenging phase and ease them into fatherhood. So, if you’re wondering which items will get a new dad excited, here are a few to consider.

A Reliable Work Device


With the right devices, every new father can find a way to spend more time with their new family and less time at work. A simple refurbished tablet is good enough to get the job done and keep him updated on all the ins-and-outs of his office work. You’ll find an array of stores that offer such a product, but for quality and affordable prices, thestore.com is your go-to source for buying certified refurbished electronics online.

Besides their fair prices, you’ll also receive a 10% discount on your first buy after registration. All of their items are certified and trustworthy with many 5-star reviews from customers. Now, all new dads can carry on with work or read an e-book while spending time with their little ones.

2. A Stroller


Believe it or not, you might have very little to no time to exercise once the baby comes. Luckily, a stroller will come in handy to make up for lost hours in the gym. However, your choice matters because you’ll need a robust and efficient jogging stroller, much like the specimens offered by BOB strollers.

This BOB gear is perfect for new parents who want to fit exercise into their regime. With about seven different models to choose from, you can always count on it for days when you need to jog, walk, hike, or even run. They come with a sturdy frame, highly functional brakes, and comfortable seats that make it a smooth ride for your little one.

Even more, it’s easy to control this high-quality stroller with one hand. Simply press the toggle button to switch the seat recline positions. Thanks to the lie-flat position, your baby gets to nap comfortably no matter where you are. Even better, those extra pounds practically fall off as you shred on the sidewalk daily.

3. Male Enhancement Pills


Battling low libido and diminished sexual stamina isn’t something only women go through. Men experience sexual problems too. The good news is that with the best male enhancement pills, new dads can get their sexual performance back to an optimum level with no side effects. However, with so many enhancement pills out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best one. Luckily, sites like Leading Edge Health provide the ultimate guide for a range of sexual health issues.

Even better, Leading Edge Health offers free shipping worldwide for orders above $150 on their secure payment platform. Furthermore, buyers receive 24/7 dedicated support and have up to 60 whole days to return products with no questions asked. As research shows that stress and lack of time are primary reasons why new parents struggle with their sex life, male enhancement pills are definitely the best way to go.

4. A Sturdy Carrier


In the beginning, lots of parents believe that their arms are enough to carry the newborn. That’s the excitement talking. Later on, they often start wishing for more hands as they struggle to balance their new life. A sturdy carrier is one of those accessories that can come in handy when you need to clean up, get some work done, or run errands. Don’t complicate it; go for something lightweight and functional.

5. A Digital Camera


As their kids get older, many parents often regret not capturing those adorable moments early enough. So, offering a reliable digital camera is a great way to make any new dad happy, since they can easily capture amazing pictures of their little ones. Altogether, it’s something to reflect on and keep forever.

Lana Carson is executive editor of Urban Tulsa. Her writing has been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books and The Huffington Post.