Author: Vanessa Simmons

5 Tips for Giving Your Teenager More Freedom

Parenting a teenager is like a balancing act—while your teen needs an increasing amount of freedom to successfully transition into adulthood, giving your teen too much freedom can have negative consequences. If you’re struggling to give your teen more freedom, here’s how to recognize when your teen needs more freedom and when their freedom needs

Careers for Women in Healthcare

Women have pursued nursing for centuries. It is now common for women to fill all types of healthcare roles. There are some specific medical careers that may appeal to women entering the healthcare field, including roles that focus on treating women’s health issues, such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Medical Oncologists Photo Credit: Unsplash

5 Ways to Reach Your Community & Make A Difference

When you live in a community, you want to do what you can to make life easier for everyone. Here are five things, big and small, that you can do for your community. Volunteer If you want to make your community better, try volunteering at local places. The best hospitals have volunteers who help make it a better place.

What’s the Best Theme for a Child’s Birthday Party?

Throwing a child’s birthday party is simultaneously the easiest yet most difficult thing to do. On the one hand, coming up with plenty of ideas and finding the right birthday decorations is simple. On the other, some children may not know exactly what they want, which leaves you to figure out exactly what kind of

Life Settlement Investments: Pros and Cons

Life insurance options are never easy to wade through. This is true for both young adults thinking about securing the financial future for a growing family and elderly patients suffering from any number of pains or diseases. The trouble for many prospective buyers is the variety of available types of life insurance policies. This only gets

Delayed Injury Symptoms After a Car Crash? Here’s What to Do

Getting into a car accident can be a scary experience. But if the accident was minor, you may find yourself walking away unharmed. This can be great for you both physically and financially. Unfortunately, not all injuries or problems appear right after a car crash — there is always the chance that you may have

How Much Does Insurance Go Up After an Accident?

Being involved in a car accident is incredibly stressful on its own. There’s potential for injuries, or worse, not to mention the damage to your car plus the headaches and time lost. You don’t need the threat of increased insurance rates hanging over your head too, but you’ll likely face it. It’s hard to estimate

5 Things Every College Student Must Do in 2020

Everyone wants the new year to be the best year yet, no matter how good or bad 2019 was. Luckily, there are measures people can take to make a real difference now that the calendar has turned over to a new page. In fact, here are five things every college student must do in 2020.

Mind-Body Connection: The Secret to Better Health

Despite the fact that we often forget the brain in our pursuit of excellent physical fitness and well-being, all aspects of our bodies (including our brains) need to be cared for if we expect to maintain the high quality of health that we are looking for. When the mind is put through unnecessary stress or

Tips for Living a Greener (and Healthier!) Life

If you were a child in the 1990s, the familiar faces of Captain Planet, the flying Magic School Bus, and the (still) famous “Bill Nye the Science Guy” graced television and books. To make science and saving the planet fun, these shows were dedicated to showing children how and why environmental savior was vital.  Today,

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