Fashion Tips for Luxury Spa Owners

Spas are facilities that promote well-being by offering services addressing a person’s physical, spiritual, or psychological needs. Some spas have a specific feature. For...

Spas are facilities that promote well-being by offering services addressing a person’s physical, spiritual, or psychological needs. Some spas have a specific feature. For example, mineral springs spas are built around natural mineral springs and focus on hydrotherapy treatments. Resort and hotel spas typically only offer services to guests staying at those facilities. Day spas serve clients who come for a single day of treatments, whereas destination spas are spas that operate as a resort.

Clients plan trips to these spas for an immersive experience, including beauty treatments and guidance from a personal trainer. Club spas focus on fitness programs, while medical spas offer treatments performed under a doctor’s supervision, including Botox and skin tightening treatments. Luxury spas can operate as day, destination, resort, hotel, mineral springs, club, and medical spas. The primary objective of luxury spas is to indulge clients. Spa owners can establish their luxury spas with their fashion choices, services, and facilities.

Spa owners ultimately determine how their spa operates. They may draw in clientele from their social circles or step in to resolve service issues. Spa owners may also make clients feel like they’re getting preferential treatment by taking an interest in their visit and personally overseeing their services.



Spa owners can distinguish themselves with their physical presentation. A necklace created with precious minerals, such as rose gold or platinum, represents quality. Clients will also notice necklaces that incorporate precious gemstones, such as diamonds and emeralds, into the design. Complement your necklace with matching earrings, bracelets, and rings. Your jewelry choices can also reflect your values. For example, exclusive jewelers, such as Kendra Scott, prioritize charitable giving. Wearing jewelry from philanthropic jewelers will ensure your clientele is aware of your superb taste, as well as your desire to support charities that help women and children.



Your fashion choices will also shape your clients’ impressions of you and your business. Choose stylish clothes that convey strength and confidence. Pick simple patterns or solid colors that are suitable for a businesswoman. Choose clothes that are comfortable to wear. Wearing brand-name clothing will ensure quality. You may also want to wear environmentally-friendly clothing. Wearing eco-friendly and organic apparel conveys your concern for the health and well-being of the planet. Since the primary focus of a spa is to promote wellbeing, wearing eco-friendly clothing can effectively support your brand.



No matter how good you look, if your facilities are substandard, clients will notice. Google “top-rated barber chair” to ensure you install the best barber chairs available. Choose barber chairs that convey luxury through their design and materials—think a steel frame, a chrome base, and luxurious upholstery. Clients will want to sink into soft, padded seats and set their arms on padded armrests. Built-in footrests will ensure that clients are completely comfortable when they recline in these chairs. Treat every resource within your facility—from the barber chairs to the sinks—like it’s part of your outfit. If it doesn’t convey quality, it won’t make a good impression on your guests.



Every great outfit should feature appropriate accessories. Belts, scarves, handbags, hats, and hairpins can all provide the finishing touches needed to transform an outfit and convey confidence. Ensure you have appropriate accessories for every outfit you wear. When you wear different accessories with every outfit, you will be able to complete the look you’re striving for without making it look like you’re mismatched. Your accessories can also be a talking point with clientele. Clients who take note of your fashion choices may seek referrals from you, and if they trust your fashion choices, they’re more likely to recommend your spa services to others.

Personal Touches


Complete your look by doing your hair and makeup every day. This may be something you have your staff team do each morning, which will allow you to recommend specific stylists to clients who comment on your hair or makeup. Get your nails done to ensure your hands look their best when you’re interacting with clients. If you plan to wear open-toed shoes, you should also have a pedicure.

Your fashion choices can be used to build your brand and project a desirable image. Choose jewelry, clothes, accessories, hairstyles, and makeup appropriate for your brand. You can also complement your fashion choices with superb facilities and the best resources available for pampering your clientele.

Keith Bell is the Creative Director for Urban Tulsa. He has been with UT since 2018, and manages the creative department designing every issue from concept to web production.