How to Get and Keep Eyelash Extension Clients

More and more women are choosing to invest in eyelash extensions. These extensions enhance the natural lash and make lashes look fuller and darker...
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More and more women are choosing to invest in eyelash extensions. These extensions enhance the natural lash and make lashes look fuller and darker without mascara. With the convenience and ease these extensions offer, it’s no surprise that the eyelash extension industry is growing rapidly. So if you’re interested in growing your eyelash extension business, here are a few simple tips to get and keep clients.

Offer Free Appointments

If you’re new in the eyelash extension industry, it’s important to get the word out about your services. One easy way to do this is to offer free extensions to a few clients—offering a free appointment to just a few people will bring them in and once they are happy with the outcome, they’ll talk about your services to their friends and family.

Obviously, you can’t continue offering free services if you want to grow your business, but you can get yourself recurring customers if they are happy with their first appointment. Word of mouth marketing is essential for small, growing businesses and offering a limited number of free appointments is a great starting point to spread the word about your services.


Invest in Good Products

If you have low-quality products, your business isn’t going to do very well. This is why it’s crucial to invest in high-quality products so you can provide the best services possible. When looking for a seller, look for a company that has years of experience, positive reviews, and offers great customer service.

Additionally, consider offering multiple products for your clients to choose from. When it comes to enhancing eyelashes, there are several methods to consider. Both semi-permanent eyelashes and false lashes are great options. If some of your clients have expressed interest in enhancing their lashes but don’t necessarily want extensions, consider investing in magnetic lash kits. Magnetic lashes work with a magnetic strip of gel liner that holds the lashes in place but can be easily removed. It’s important to offer the products and services your clients actually want in order for them to keep coming back.

Prioritize Customer Service

If you want your clients to return and tell their friends about your business, you need to prioritize customer service, which means providing a comfortable and welcoming environment and treat all customers with respect. You could even offer clients a beverage bar with top-notch wine and champagne. (If you’re just starting out, any affordable wine from your local liquor store should do!) I mean, who doesn’t love having a glass of wine while being pampered?

Before a client’s appointment, make sure you keep their health and safety in mind—ask about any allergy concerns and make sure they feel comfortable with the glue and fragrances you’re using. Make your customers feel like family and they’ll remain loyal.


Marketing Is Crucial

Marketing is crucial for any business, big or small. If you’re offering eyelash extensions and new innovative magnetic lash application services, you already have a selling point—being able to have full and beautiful real lashes with minimal effort is something a lot of people want.

Jump off of that selling point and build a great website that people can look at when searching for eyelash businesses. Your website and social media pages should have all relevant information, like where your company is located, contact information, exclusive deals, and the services you offer. Additionally, consider posting pictures of your lash work and reviews from pleased clients. As your business grows, your marketing efforts can grow, too.

If you’re passionate about providing your clients with the best lashes possible, you’re already off to a great start as far as growing your lash business goes. So keep these tips in mind and you’ll be bringing in new clients in no time.

Sam Fisher joined Urban Tulsa as a contributing writer, before taking on the associate editor role. He graduated is a Boston University graduate and resides in Austin, Texas.