How to Plan Vacation Home Repairs

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the stay-at-home orders and quarantine efforts that followed have impacted the way people go to school, work, communicate,...
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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the stay-at-home orders and quarantine efforts that followed have impacted the way people go to school, work, communicate, and socialize. In response to the pandemic, many people had to adjust to remote work and online learning. As coronavirus cases, remote working opportunities, and online learning continue to increase, college students and at-home workers may find the appeal in being able to stay far away from crowded areas. Being able to plug into work or school from a secondary residence—such as a vacation home—can be beneficial

A vacation home can not only encourage social distancing measures, but it can also serve as a comfortable place to get away from any stress related to work and school or any anxiety associated with the uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus.


A vacation home can be the location of meaningful experiences and getaways with family and friends for quality time. For this reason, vacation homeowners should ensure that they’ll have enough time for leisure and fun, rather than spending most of their getaway completing renovations on their vacation homes.

Following the tips listed below, homeowners can make the process of planning and completing repairs for their vacation property easier on themselves and their bank accounts.

Check when you last repaired your vacation home.

After some time, major appliances such as the air conditioner, heating system, refrigerator, and more, can begin malfunctioning due to becoming dated or lacking proper cleaning. Machines that don’t receive regular cleanings could cause homeowners, renters, or guests to experience health issues. Uncleaned air conditioners, for instance, can lead to breathing problems resulting from bacteria or fungi growing in old filters and uncleared air conditioners.

Your household appliances’ life expectancy can vary from machine to machine and differ from an appliance’s actual lifespan. Understanding how long your appliances should last can help you do your best to maintain them. Keeping a list that tracks when your appliances or amenities last received servicing, repairing, or upgrading can help you plan for future repairs promptly before any additional damages occur. For instance, if the air conditioning system in your vacation home has gone five years without maintenance, consider having it repaired soon, especially ahead of the summer months.

Search for the best professionals to complete a job.

Knowing in advance where you can turn for a repair job well done can save you some time. Having an idea of who you’ll hire for repairs and the prices they charge for services before you need a job completed gives you the chance to save the money you’ll need and put it aside until the right time.


If your vacation home has an outdoor sitting area, such as a porch, for example, you’ll want to keep it comfortable and in good shape for yourself and any vacationing guests. Porch installation, repairs, and leveling are complex jobs that require the skills and precision of professionals, such as Above All Leveling, a proven foundation repair company. This company provides excellent services leveling porches, slabs, beam houses, and more. These experts offer high-quality foundation repair, wood rot repair, pier leveling, and other services that protect your home.

Find safe storage options for your belongings.

While your vacation home undergoes interior and exterior repairs, your possessions will need safe-keeping from potential damage. Searching the internet for ‘small storage units near me’ enables you to find a reliable storage company that provides storage spaces in and near your zip code for the lowest price, with easy access and extra storage space. Knowing ahead of time which storage company to contact and the self-storage unit prices offered can help you make arrangements for carefully storing your furniture, any seasonal items, and other belongings while you repair your vacation home.

Tom Parsons is a contributing writer for Urban Tulsa. He graduated from NYU with a journalism degree, and he currently resides in Tulsa.