Managing Home Remodeling With a Newborn

As a new mother, it isn’t ideal to have any home projects when you have a newborn to worry about. While it is ideal...

As a new mother, it isn’t ideal to have any home projects when you have a newborn to worry about. While it is ideal to have your home completely remodeled before you go into labor, things rarely go as planned. There are plenty of families who have ongoing remodeling projects during the mother’s pregnancy that don’t get finished until well after their child’s birth. While it is stressful, homeowners have to do what is best to make their home livable for the family.

New moms have a lot on their plate, so if there is anything you can do to make this time any less stressful, you should probably take those opportunities. Whether it’s by somehow shortening a bathroom renovation or getting the new mom a state-of-the-art breast pump, there are options to make this home remodel easier for your new family.

Get a hands-free pumping bra.


This is one of the best things you will do for yourself as a new mom. A hands-free pumping bra is going to free up so much of your time! With a traditional breast pump, you are stuck for hours out of your day sitting and waiting to finish pumping, but with a pumping bra, you don’t have to sit around waiting to finish pumping anymore. A pumping bra gives you your time back because now your hands are free to do other tasks.

The hands-free pump bra with flanges from Simple Wishes works with any breast pump brand, such as the ones from Medela, Spectra, Ameda, and Lansinoh. Simple Wishes bra is a hands-free pump bra that adjusts in size and has front openings. They use velcro and spandex for a stretchy fabric without rows of hooks that will sustain the perfect fit as a nursing mother’s size changes. The spandex blend helps with the pump’s support while also maintaining a tight seal of the flanges on the nipple. The Simple Wishes bra straps are included for additional support as the bottles are filled with breast milk weight and will help prevent milk spillage. You can easily insert the pump flanges and pump parts in your hands-free pumping bra for easy milk flow and accessibility.

Whether it’s your first time pumping or you’re a pro, having a pumping bra will change the game when it comes to your home remodel. Having an excellent breast pump bra that allows you to pump hands-free will take the pressure off you and allow you to take the time to continue your home remodel without going crazy.

Speed up your bathroom remodel.


A bathroom remodel sounds scary. Well, it’s because it is. This is especially if you’re dealing with mold or mildew in your bathroom. That’s something that must be eradicated quickly before you bring your newborn home. If you find that the due date for your baby is quickly approaching, it might be time to consider a one day bathroom remodel.

While it doesn’t seem possible to accomplish this type of renovation in a single day, with the right contractor and installer, a one-day bathroom project is certainly possible. If you get your new bathroom accessories and fixtures selected ahead of time, your new toilet, bathtub, vanity, and tile can all be installed in a single day with expert installation. After obtaining the proper permits, the installation process will go by with ease, and once the bathroom renovation is completed, that’s one less stress on your family. After you’ve got everything installed and you’re sure you’ve gotten rid of any mold, you can bring your newborn home without any anxiety.

With a newborn on the way, it’s important to make your home environment as safe and secure as possible. As a new mother, you should take back your time from pumping by getting a portable breast pump that fits like a sports bra for comfort and practicality so that you have more time to dedicate to your newborn and your home renovations. You should also do everything in your power to speed up the process, even if that means doing a one-day bathroom renovation to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

Lana Carson is executive editor of Urban Tulsa. Her writing has been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books and The Huffington Post.