Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling for Work

Traveling for work can often be a fun and exciting experience. But because you’re traveling for work and not for personal reasons, you need...

Traveling for work can often be a fun and exciting experience. But because you’re traveling for work and not for personal reasons, you need to make sure your trip goes smoothly. So if you haven’t gone on a work-related trip before, here are a few important mistakes to avoid making.

Overpacking or Underpacking

It’s crucial to pack just the right amount of clothing and accessories for your trip, not too much and not too little. If you’re only going to be gone for the weekend, there is no reason to pack so much stuff that you need to check your baggage.

Not only can checking baggage add an extra expense to the trip, but you risk getting your items lost of having to wait a long time at baggage claim. But you also don’t want to under pack either—you should plan out your outfits ahead of time, making sure you have a professional and weather-appropriate outfit for each day. But you should pack a few extra items in your luggage in case of an accidental spill or drastic change in the weather.


Failing to Get the Right Insurance

As long as you run it by your boss first, you should always get proper travel insurance for your business trip. This insurance will give you your money back in case of last-minute trip cancellation or change and will give you peace of mind knowing you won’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to get a refund or cancel plans.

Traveling in the United States can come with obstacles, like weather changes, that may impact your trip. Additionally, meetings may change and you could find yourself needing to change the dates of your trip. Having travel insurance will make going on your trip less stressful.

You should make sure you have the right travel health insurance, too. It’s important to plan for the worst and you could end up getting sick or injured while on your trip. When you work with the best travel insurance company possible, you won’t have to worry about massive medical expenses if you have a medical emergency.

Getting the proper medical treatment should be your only concern and looking into the best providers for travel health insurance will ensure you’re taken care of no matter where you travel to.


Ignoring Company Policy

Most companies have a strict travel policy their employees need to follow when they’re taking a business trip. This policy can include things like booking hotels through a certain site or flying with a specific airline. These policies are often in place to save money and help businesses keep track of travel expenses. So even if you find a great deal on a hotel or flight, you need to make sure you’re sticking to your company’s travel policy.

It’s important to remember that you are traveling for work and you need to respect that. Say your company is sending you for forklift license training in Brisbane—obtaining a high-risk work license is important and while Brisbane can offer some fun activities, you’re ultimately traveling for work. With a forklift operator license, you’ll be able to operate a variety of machines and help your company improve productivity and safety. So make sure to carefully go over your company’s travel policy so you ensure you’re following any requests and guidelines.

When your boss asks you to travel to work, it’s a big responsibility, especially if you’re meeting with important clients. So to ensure your trip has the best chance of being problem-free, make sure to keep these important tips in mind.

Keith Bell is the Creative Director for Urban Tulsa. He has been with UT since 2018, and manages the creative department designing every issue from concept to web production.