Perfect Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

As the holiday season approaches, your shopping list is sure to grow. Don’t be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for...
a woman sitting on a couch with a cat

As the holiday season approaches, your shopping list is sure to grow. Don’t be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones this year. If you have a cat-lover on your list, holiday shopping is a breeze. Still unsure where to start? Here are 3 perfect gift ideas for the feline fans in your life.

Here, Kitty-Kitty…

One of the simplest gifts you can give to any fur-parent is peace of mind. If their feline companion likes to explore the neighborhood, buy them a cat tracker collar with a built-in GPS tracker. With its long battery life and an easy-to-use app, cat owners can keep tabs on their precious pets with the click of a button. With Bluetooth and wi-fi compatibility, all they have to do is simply open the app, and send a notification to their pet that it’s time to return home for meals, avoid inclement weather, or simply for some cuddle time.

An extra perk of these pet tracker gifts is their ability to create a map of commonly-visited areas. Owners can view their pet’s usual hangouts, how long they spend in each area, even monitor their activity or sleep levels. All of this insight is given simply in putting on their cat’s collar – who wouldn’t love that technology?

Memories to last a lifetime.

What’s one thing every pet-owner loves? Pictures of their furbabies. Have you ever met a fur-parent who didn’t pull out their phone to show off their precious friends? What better way to acknowledge their love than with a custom photo book from Shutterfly? With the ability to customize a template, create a background and embellishments, and more; even the most beginner users can create something beautiful. Choose from various layouts, stickers, and all their favorite photos to create the best photo books they’ve ever received.

Whether you’re using cellphone photographs or the work of a professional photographer, you’re bound to create a photo book they’ll cherish for years to come. Want to take the gift a step further? Create multiple versions for the whole family to love. Make a hardcover copy for Mom and Dad, and a softcover book for young pet owners. The books have high standards of print quality, a variety of finishes, and are durable for even the tiniest of hands. When guests arrive, they’re bound to have it out on their coffee table as the favorite gift of the Christmas season.

Keep them closer.

For the creatives in the bunch, there are countless ways to concoct a one-of-a-kind gift. Put together a full pet cat gift basket overflowing with custom creations. Purchase socks with their feline friend’s face on them, a sweatshirt with a built-in carrying pouch, and include your photo book. Shutterfly also offers custom calendars and canvas prints, to create a lifelong keepsake for your loved one. Why limit yourself to just one gift when you can design a plethora of presents catered specifically to their fur-child?

Take your mountain of memories to the next level by adding in their pet’s favorite toys, treats, and accessories. Find out what brand of cat food, kitty litter, and other daily necessities they prefer. This creates a gift not only for the furry family member but saves their owner a trip to the pet store as well. Pamper the pet while saving mom and/or dad from a typical bill. They can then spend that money on a gift for themselves! What better way to show you pay attention and care about their family than buying a gift that has been customized to their preferences? Whatever gift path you choose this year, your gift is sure to be a hit, because it’s given with love.

Tom Parsons is a contributing writer for Urban Tulsa. He graduated from NYU with a journalism degree, and he currently resides in Tulsa.