Planning the Perfect Post-COVID Proposal

With vaccines going out and people having more hope for the end of a global pandemic in sight, many couples are starting to talk...
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With vaccines going out and people having more hope for the end of a global pandemic in sight, many couples are starting to talk more about their futures. From postponed weddings and proposals, a year of quarantine has put a damper on celebrations of love all over the world. With an end goal in sight, now might be the time to start thinking about your post-Covid-19 proposal. From location to the element of surprise, here are some things to think about before popping the big question post-pandemic.

Romance on the Water


If you and your partner are like most people in the United States, there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity for travel during the pandemic. Why not make your proposal extra romantic with some overseas travel? Vilamoura boat trips, for example, could be the perfect way to set the mood. Whether proposing on the open water or waiting to pop the question on a coastline shore, taking your partner to an exotic location and sharing an adventure might be the perfect way to start this next chapter.



If the costs of a boat tour or overseas travel are out of your budget, there are more affordable ways to pull off an exciting proposal if you’re willing to get creative. Consider things like common interests that serve as the foundation to your relationship. For example, if you both enjoy hiking, asking your partner to marry you at the top of your favorite summit or rock formation might be exactly what you need to give your relationship a boost. Consider a place that could turn into a yearly trip or tradition. What about planning a picnic for the end of the hike? You could pop the question after you pour the wine.

Think about your last hiking trip. Was there a special cave or tree that you could incorporate into this special day? Maybe you could pack healthy snacks, spread a picnic blanket out, and wait until the perfect moment to propose under the stars in that unique space. The next time you get outside, do some exploring. Take a closer look at spots that might work for your post Covid-19 proposal.

Element of Surprise


Many of the best memories come with an element of surprise. The formulation of a solid plan could make your engagement extra special. Consider talking to your partner’s closest friends or family members about how they could help you to surprise your soon to be fiancé. They may offer ideas on unique ways to ask your partner to spend forever with you. Particularly if your partner’s close to family, including them in on the plan, might positively affect how they experience this special moment.



No matter how you propose, you’ll want to be ready. Even if you have a healthy sex drive, it never hurts to give yourself a boost. Consider picking up the best male enhancement pills or shopping around for supplements that increase energy levels. There are a variety of FDA approved supplements available today on the market now that help not only with sexual dysfunction, but that will increase libido, sexual prowess, and erection strength. Knowing you’re going into this next chapter of your lives together at your best will help with not only intimacy but your mental wellbeing.

The reality is that no matter how you pop the question, you likely know your partner best. While it’s okay to check with her family and friends for suggestions, in following your gut, you’ll make the proposal perfect no matter what you decide. Spend some time tossing around ideas while the pandemic’s still here. When the world feels closer to normal again, you’ll be ready to give him or her the surprise of their life. Happy proposal to you, and congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

Lois Pratt is responsible for assisting in editing and running the site’s web publication, in addition to covering special events. She is a UCLA graduate and resides in Tulsa.