3 Tips to Help You Age Gracefully

Keeping ourselves mentally and physically fit is something we try to keep up in our lives, but sometimes we all stray away from it....
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Keeping ourselves mentally and physically fit is something we try to keep up in our lives, but sometimes we all stray away from it. Before we know it, we go from being 21 and able to eat, drink, and let our metabolism do everything for us to suddenly pushing 60 and trying to figure out why the pounds aren’t shedding and why we’re feeling a tad more sluggish.

There are simple things that you can do starting today that can help you age with grace and keep you looking good and feeling good for years to come.

Exercising Regularly


Exercising regularly is one of the easiest ways to combat the risk of ailments like cancer and heart disease. Mobility also helps you get better control of your stress and improves your sleep patterns. Some health experts recommend adults do muscle and bone-strengthening exercises with weights and resistance bands. That goes along with two and a half to five hours per week of moderate-intensity exercise and about 1.25 to 2.5 hours each week of vigorous aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise can include swimming, dancing, and even just walking. If you’re a dog owner, you have your own piece of exercise equipment. Going for daily walks and runs with your furry friend is a great way to get you and them out and about. Taking your puppy, small dog, or large dog out for a stroll is just as much exercise for them. It’s recommended to invest in a harness for dogs that places protection around a dog’s chest, rather than relying on a leash, which can cause strain on a dog’s neck and harm their trachea.

Harnesses prevent pulling and are pet safe, featuring a lightweight design that can ensure a secure fit for a small dog or big dog. With adjustable straps, a pull harness with a front clip can allow for enough slack to keep your pet going at the same pace as you without causing them any discomfort.

Seeing Your Doctor


An annual physical is the simplest way to get an evaluation of your health while giving you the peace of mind of knowing there are good options to benefit your health going forward. Your primary care physician can also help you address medical conditions that may commonly arise with age, such as high blood pressure, while also providing medical advice to direct towards additional care for some ailments.

Doctors can also recommend certain prescription drugs as part of your medical treatment, especially for certain issues like erectile dysfunction that older men may have difficulty with. With such ED drugs not covered by insurance or Medicare coverage, Viagra cost can run incredibly high. The same goes for Levitra, Cialis, and other drugs designed to provide stronger and longer-lasting erections.

The price of Viagra may not be worth it, but Sildenafil has emerged as a generic Viagra that is covered by some insurance plans. You can also look into pharmacy discount cards and coupons that could spare you from dropping too much for this erectile dysfunction medication at the counter of your local pharmacy.

Eating a Healthy Diet


While it doesn’t hurt to indulge in our favorite snacks and treats every now and then, maintaining a balanced diet is the best way to ensure a harmonious balance with regular health checks and exercise.

Hydration is perhaps most vital, as drinking water regularly helps keep everything flowing in our system, flushes out toxins, and combats nausea in the digestion process. Foods that are lower in sodium also help avoid dehydration and help to prevent high blood pressure and the chance of a stroke.

Samantha Watson joined Urban Tulsa as a staff writer, before becoming Copy Editor earlier this year. Some of her previous writing and editing work can be found at the LA Times, the New York Times, and Washington Post.