5 Things Every College Student Must Do in 2020

Everyone wants the new year to be the best year yet, no matter how good or bad 2019 was. Luckily, there are measures people...
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Everyone wants the new year to be the best year yet, no matter how good or bad 2019 was. Luckily, there are measures people can take to make a real difference now that the calendar has turned over to a new page. In fact, here are five things every college student must do in 2020.

Enroll In A Practical Course

Most majors give students a little flexibility in terms of taking courses outside of their major program. There are many electives to choose from, but we encourage students to use one of these course slots on a class that teaches a practical skill, such as financing, accounting, writing, entrepreneurship, business, and others.

While many programs give students the knowledge they need to succeed in their desired fields, not every program equips students with all the skills they need to succeed in the real world. These skills could include networking, prioritizing, leading, and many more.

Apply For A Scholarship

There are many scholarships that go unused on a yearly basis. While there are certain guidelines one must meet to qualify for these scholarships, every student should apply for a scholarship in 2020. Take the time to find a scholarship that’s right for you and one you believe you’re qualified for.

Many companies you didn’t even know have scholarships… have scholarships. For example, the TodayTix Scholarship rewards students majoring in journalism, theater, or English. By putting your skills and essay writing to the test, you could win a scholarship that’s tailored to you, and add a booster to your résumé.

We understand you’re busy with your studies and might have the mindset that someone else will win the scholarship. However, you never know until you try and every penny adds up.

Follow Your Passion

Your major or an individual course might be your passion, meaning you’re already doing what you want to do. College is a good time to discover who you are and what you want to be. Take as many intro courses as you desire to discover a new field. Start your blog, take a painting class, pick up a musical instrument, or begin your entrepreneurship career with a small business. 

Use the time you have to really follow your passions as college tends to be a time of less responsibility than the real world. Now’s the time to do what you love.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health, no matter where you’re at in life, is important. There are many practices you can incorporate to take care of your mental health, such as seeing a therapist. Seeing a therapist can help you with all of life’s problems. Therapy can help you cope with tragedies, as well as give you a setting to talk about topics you’re not comfortable talking about with friends and family. Therapy can also help you understand how you think and why you do the things you do.

On top of seeking professional help, you can incorporate little strategies to keep your mind, body, and soul happy, such as exercising and meditating. Being in the right state of mind can lead to you having your best year yet—in and outside of the classroom.

Go On An Unforgettable Adventure

Not everyone can afford to study abroad, but you can still go on a cheaper adventure with friends you’ll never forget. Taking this adventure allows you to get away from the books, exams, and studying. It also allows you to live in the moment with people you care about.

Doing well in school isn’t only important for building a résumé for your future career—it’s also important to learn the necessary skills required to succeed in your profession. However, life is all about balance and every college student (and human, for that matter) deserves a break. An adventure, whether it be a weekend getaway in your city or state or an escape during spring break or summer, will help you keep your mind fresh while creating everlasting memories.

Samantha Watson joined Urban Tulsa as a staff writer, before becoming Copy Editor earlier this year. Some of her previous writing and editing work can be found at the LA Times, the New York Times, and Washington Post.