How to Plan a COVID Safe Holiday Party This Year

Holiday planning has taken a hit this year with the onslaught of COVID-19 infections all across the country, but this doesn’t mean that you...
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Holiday planning has taken a hit this year with the onslaught of COVID-19 infections all across the country, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t throw an awesome party. By following some common-sense guidelines and preparing well in advance, you and your family can enjoy each other’s company in the spirit of normality and without much of the fear that grips us surrounding the spread of the coronavirus. Keep reading for some tips to help you plan a great party this holiday season.

Start planning early.

Planning for a party during this time of high uncertainty must begin plenty of time in advance. With the airborne nature of the virus, it’s important to schedule an outdoor event or book into a large event space with ample airflow and open space for maintaining a greater than usual distance between tables and other congregational areas. The vectors of transmission seem to be primarily through the air, so utilizing smart air conditioning or ventilation can help displace static air that would collect harmful particles suspended in the air. If possible, keeping the event entirely outdoors is the best way forward. Outdoor venues are sure to get snatched up quickly, so book your venue as far in advance as you can.

Additionally, in order to ensure the safety of your guests, you need to make it incredibly clear that masks should be worn unless eating or drinking and that people with symptoms must stay away from the event altogether. While certainly changing the atmosphere of the party, these measures will keep those who are able to attend safely.

Make sure your decorations are on point.

Making sure that your decorations are elegant and extravagant is another important consideration for any holiday party. This year will have a more dour feel throughout, so going overboard on decorating might be the perfect way to reintroduce that holiday sparkle that inspires cheer throughout a home or office. A Christmas tree is a given, but don’t stop there. Getting mistletoe, Christmas tree silhouette lights, snowflake patterned decor and tinsel should be near the top of your list. A snowman or two is another showstopper that should be included in your decor planning.

Always look your best.

Head to your salon for a makeover in anticipation of the big day, if you are in need of a new stylist then check out Salon de Paris for a reliable stylist who will give you a gorgeous haircut. Getting a haircut, buying some new statement pieces, or having your nails done before the big day are all great ways to celebrate in style. It’s important to try to get back some of the normal that we are missing in our lives: No one knows how long this will last so any opportunity to claim back your routine is a win. Dressing up for the party will give you the opportunity to relish in the whole tradition of throwing a party.

Maintain smart social distancing.

While setting up furniture and bars in a socially conscious way will solve a lot of bunching issues, making sure that your guests respect the distance between them is an important aspect of throwing a great holiday party. You don’t want everyone to go home and then start testing positive as a result of your party. Make sure your guests keep distance in mind as they mingle with one another. Wearing masks is a great start, but keeping at least a few feet of space between one another – if not the six or more that is recommended – should always be a priority for your guests’ safety going forward.

Don’t be dismayed by a more somber environment.

Remembering that this event likely won’t live up to the larger gatherings you have held is important. Many guests may be unable to attend, and others will be wary of getting too close to one another. This party will be less outrageous and tamer than others, but that’s ok – it’s a window into the time we are experiencing. It’s ok to celebrate while remembering the hardship we are all wading through. Relish in the tenacity that your friends have shown and celebrate your collective toughness.

Throwing a party can still be a great time even with the dark cloud above us. Prepare well for the occasion and don’t forget to have fun!

Samantha Watson joined Urban Tulsa as a staff writer, before becoming Copy Editor earlier this year. Some of her previous writing and editing work can be found at the LA Times, the New York Times, and Washington Post.