How to Plan the Perfect RV Trip

While Covid-19 has forever changed the world, one thing it hasn’t changed is being able to climb into your RV and go on a...

While Covid-19 has forever changed the world, one thing it hasn’t changed is being able to climb into your RV and go on a camping trip. Any RV enthusiast will tell you that jumping into a travel trailer and heading out on a trip is the best way to travel and spend time with the ones you love.

As a matter of fact, if you’re looking for one of the perfect gifts for your girlfiend, skip the necklace, candle, blankets, and other common items and instead give her the most romantic gift of all, a trip to wherever she wants to go in an RV. However, you don’t want to jump into your RV and take off down the road; you need to do a little bit of planning first if you want the trip to be perfect. In this article, you’ll find a few tips to help you take the perfect vacation in your travel trailer.

Find the perfect travel trailer.


There are a ton of options when it comes to choosing the right motorhome to gift your girlfriend with. Give her the thoughtful gift of a travel trailer and a trip she won’t forget. There are many options for choosing a motorhome, from pop-up campers to full-fledged RVs that come equipped with everything. The one thing you don’t want to forget is to get a warranty on the RV that you purchase.

As an RV owner, you want a reasonable deductible warranty, and that is registered with the BBB. It’s best to get the extended RV warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty as well so that you’re covered no matter what might happen on the road.
America’s RV Warranty offers unbeatable extended warranty coverage and protects you from repair costs that could happen unexpectedly when you’re on the road.

Outline the route you’re going to take.


While spontaneity is a good thing, it’s best to outline the route you intend to take during your trip for the full experience. Talk to the people who are going on this adventure with you to see what the most important things to see are to them. Plan according to the time you have for the trip and what you want to see. For example, you would plan totally differently to go see all of the US national parks than you would to see the beaches in your state.

Please take careful note during your planning of areas that might be congested during your trip and when they are most apt to be too crowded to drive through without delays.

Consider your budget ahead of time.


While RV travel is affordable, it certainly isn’t free, so you’re going to consider your budget ahead of time. Whether you’re budgeting for an RV trip to Florida or somewhere else, it’s important to figure out your finances before you take off, not while you’re on the road. Break your trip down into categories such as the trip itself, accommodations such as hotels and campground fees, food for yourself and your family, and the price of admission to amusement parks or sites you want to see. Once you’ve broken down your budget, you’ll feel much better about climbing into your motorhome and heading out on the adventure of a lifetime.

Whether this is a romantic gift for your girlfriend or a way for the family to get out and about more, traveling in an RV is a fun way to see the world. Remember, while being spontaneous has its place, you should at least follow the tips above for a successful trip.

Nathan Gardner is a graduate of University of Washington in Seattle. He is a contributing writer for Urban Tulsa, and a freelance writer for several other online publications.