What Your Living Room Says About Your Personality

Our homes are our castles. The old adage suggests that the home is the place where we can relax as well as the space...
a room with chairs and a table

Our homes are our castles. The old adage suggests that the home is the place where we can relax as well as the space where we show our true colors. This holds true across all major US cities and in older women, younger men, and everyone in between. The kitchen is a great place to start when seeking an update that will translate throughout the whole home, but your living room is where a personality really finds itself on display. If you want to get to know someone, you truly must spend a day in their shoes — and by that, we mean sitting on their couch!

Cleanliness subtly speaks volumes.

To gain insight into the way a person lives and the under riding personality traits that live within them, take a closer look at the cleanliness of their living space. People living in apartment communities, houses, or condos all share this same trait, the level of cleaning that goes into the relaxation space is a major indicator of a person’s overall approach to life itself.

For those hoping to make a better impression with their guests, starting here is a great way to improve your ability to make a great first impression. First impressions are hard to break, on average it takes a person seven seconds to form these powerful indicators regarding the people around them. Impressions are therefore built on intuited information — the visual aspects of a person’s look or the space they call home.

Maintaining a professional-looking home starts with a pursuit of excellence when it comes to cleaning, and a clean home is a great start when thinking about how to attract older women. Keeping a romantic or friendly company with people who are a little more serious is far easier when you can be proud of the home you inhabit.

Think about upgrades that show off your personal flair.

Realtors and contractors can agree that there are certain quality-of-life upgrades that luxurious living can give any homeowner. These features, like great lighting, hardwood flooring, and high-quality windows, decorations, and furniture all show the signs of maturity to those entering your home for the first time. Not only that, they make your home an order of magnitude more comfortable and give you an unforgettable living experience that makes you love spending your downtime relaxing at home.

The hardwood floor is to the living room as the granite countertops are to a high-quality kitchen. Just ask John Foresi from Venterra Realty. These upgrades can immediately improve your ability to impress houseguests, vault your personal comfort while at home, and skyrocket the value of the home in expectation of a future sale. In fact, mature homeowners understand the complex value of home upgrades and often seek out these quality-of-life upgrades that are built to last.

Both well-installed hardwood floors and granite countertops can outlive nearly everything else you may choose to install in your home, and often take almost no maintenance work to keep them clean and in working order. These are the kinds of installations that homeowners love because they are low maintenance and provide a stunning background to your daily routine.

Well kept interiors are a sign of a homeowner who takes great care of his or her core values and belongings. The mark of someone who takes pride in his or her work is the maintenance of things that others aren’t often able to see. Take a look at your own living room in order to identify what it says about you. A messy or unvacuumed floor is often the sign of someone busy or untidy. Changing your habits at home gives you a prime opportunity to set a new tone for yourself and says a lot about your personality.

Keith Bell is the Creative Director for Urban Tulsa. He has been with UT since 2018, and manages the creative department designing every issue from concept to web production.