What’s in a Pre-Roll?

For regular CBD hemp and marijuana smokers, a joint is half of a gram of the product of choice. This is the exact amount in a...
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For regular CBD hemp and marijuana smokers, a joint is half of a gram of the product of choice. This is the exact amount in a preroll. Depending on where you buy them, prerolls can contain CBD. Many people buy prerolls for the same reason that people buy prerolled cigarettes or marijuana joints; it is easier to just pull out a cigarette and smoke it than sitting down for a half an hour trying to roll one.

CBD is a great product to use for medicinal purposes. It helps those with joint pain, anxiety, and so much more. CBD cigarettes can be a discreet way to reap the benefits of CBD without too much hassle in the process.

Why Should You Buy a Pre-rolled Hemp Joint?

Rolling isn’t for everyone. There is a science to rolling a hemp joint and even rolling a cigarette. If you’ve ever tried to roll a cigarette, you know what I’m talking about. If you roll a cigarette and it isn’t packed enough, it can burn too quickly or you might not even get to inhale any smoke because the tobacco doesn’t touch the filter. If you roll a hemp joint and it isn’t packed enough, it won’t burn properly and you may end up watching a half gram burn off before you can even inhale it. In these cases, you’ll end up with a “canoe” rather than a slow burn. A canoe is when your joint burns jaggedly and ends up looking like half of a canoe. If you try to re-roll with the same hemp the joint, it may taste differently because half of the CBD flower has already burned.

If you’re a tobacco roller, I know what you’re thinking: They have machines for that. Well yes, they do, but if you don’t know how to use the machine correctly, you’ll end up with the same issues. It takes a few tries to get it down packed and for some people it is easier just to purchase a preroll. If you’re a cigarette smoker and want to stop ingesting the carcinogens that come rolled in your cigarettes, smoking a hemp cigarette can give you what you need.

There are also people who are incapable of rolling hemp joints tight enough due to joint pain or illness. Although CBD hemp has healing qualities that can help those who are elderly, rolling joints may not be possible for the older generation due to arthritis and other hand or coordination issues. People who have shaky hands will have a hard time holding the rolling paper still and coordinating packing the CBD and rolling the paper at the same time.

If you do manage to roll your joint, there is a possibility you could burn your lips if you make the filter too small. If not your lips, you could also burn your fingers. The possibility of injury goes on to include loss of longer facial hair as well. There have been countless accidents from joints that were not properly rolled. Save yourself the injury and worry and buy pre-rolled CBD.

If it is your first time smoking try smoking CBD hemp with a lower dosage per gram. Whether you are using CBD hemp joints for medicinal purposes or recreational purposes you should consider buying prerolled joints. Each roll is made by hand and with precision to ensure that you’re taking in the medicinal benefits of the product and not just watching it burn out quickly. Prerolls are available in different sizes and different strains to ensure that you get the product that will help you the most in the size that fits perfectly into your lifestyle and hands.

Samantha Watson joined Urban Tulsa as a staff writer, before becoming Copy Editor earlier this year. Some of her previous writing and editing work can be found at the LA Times, the New York Times, and Washington Post.