5 Things Alabama Is Best Known For

Alabama is the birthplace of America’s Civil Rights movement, the home of Harper Lee, and the go-to place for Southern Food. This amazing state...
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Alabama is the birthplace of America’s Civil Rights movement, the home of Harper Lee, and the go-to place for Southern Food. This amazing state has more to offer than you might even realize. When it’s time to plan a trip to somewhere new, consider the Heart of Dixie. Here are the five things the state is best known for that you’ll want to check out.

Incredible Food

All across Alabama, you can find amazing food, including the barbecue you’ve been craving. Head to Florence for fried pork skins, or visit Cullman for the orange rolls diners have loved for more than 80 years. The South is known for its meat-and-three restaurants (your meal is a meat and three sides) and Alabama has some of the best. You can find fried chicken across the state, and don’t skip the shrimp and grits. If you’ve been dreaming of Southern comfort food, Alabama has you covered.



Alabama is the perfect destination for music fans. In Tuscumbia, you can explore the Music Hall of Fame and learn more about Alabama’s history. Visit Muscle Shoals over the summer for the W. C. Handy Music Festival and tour the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. Birmingham has the Jazz Hall of Fame, while Montgomery features the Hank Williams Museum. You can find musical heritage throughout the state, so while you’re sampling amazing cuisine, check out the historical landmarks and treat your ears to an excellent experience.



Beyond music history, the Heart of Dixie has a significance in the Civil Rights Movement. Alabama is the site of the Montgomery Bus Boycotts, the Freedom Rides, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. You can take a tour of the local historical sites and witness where history was changed. Many of us only learned about these recent events in school. Now you can witness each location and experience the importance of the Civil Rights Movement firsthand. Alabama’s importance to the rights and freedoms of African-Americans cannot be understated.



Some of the nation’s best literature has come out of Alabama. The most famous novel written by a resident is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, which has earned worldwide acclaim and several successful adaptations, both film and stage. For those who love nonfiction, William Bartram’s Travels combines nature and travel writing with autobiography. Many other nonfiction books can describe the local flora and fauna to you, so it might be worth it to pick up a book or two and use them as guides during your time here. Literature lovers can explore the state through the lens of seeing famous locations, either book settings or author’s homes, and witness the history of Alabama.


Fixing Problems

When you visit Alabama, you can rest easy knowing you’ll skip any hassle. Alabama has some of the best services and the locals can help you fix any problem. Whether you lost your luggage while driving or forgot a few personal items, you’ll have all your problems fixed in the Cotton State. If you drop your iPhone while on a tour of the state’s historical landmarks, don’t panic. You can receive excellent iPhone repairs in Homewood. The technicians here are experts at screen repair and you’ll have your iPhone back in no time. You can head to uBreakiFix Homewood 1919 28th Ave S #141 Homewood, AL 35209 or call (205) 870-8858 for an appointment time.

The geek squad here can solve any problem quickly and efficiently, leaving you saying “thanks guys” before you know it. Alabama has a reputation for fixing anything, so a trip to this state will be a breeze.


A visit to Alabama will leave you very satisfied, spiritually and physically. Explore this incredible state and witness its history, beauty, and charm.

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